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Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting Services in Perth, Western Australia.  Recruiting, Onboarding, Orientation, Traning, Development, Career Management, People management, Cessation, Health and Safety, HelpDesk, Payroll, Coaching, Mentoring
Consulting Services

Whatever the project, we combine unparalleled experience and capabilities across industries and business functions, to deliver innovation solutions to our clients, enabling our clients to become high performing organisations.

Our consultants examine client’s organisation, work out how to best improve it, and implements agreed actions to bring about positive, lasting and profitable change.

Benefits of Consulting

Problem need solving? Need a HR Project Implemented?
Lack the internal HR Skills and Knowledge?


Quicker Project Completion. 

  • Engaging external HR Consultants will assist the business with completing projects sooner and get desired results faster by avoiding costly delays and learning curves by either completing the HR project for you or by back filling your HR team whilst they complete the project. Having a dedicated resource to the project ensures that the project team isn’t distracted by operational tasks.   The sooner the project is completed the sooner you and your teams can reap the benefits of the project. 


Get the skills, knowledge and experience that your team lack

  • Does your HR team lack the skills to implement the project?  A problem that many companies face with using an internal team to run a project; especially if you have a small company, is that you may not actually have any existing team members with the required skills. Often you will find that you encounter issues when you run a company that require skills that are far removed from those that are required for the day to day operation of your business. As a result you may find that there is nobody in your team who has those skills. When you bring in a consultant this is not an issue, since you bring in one who has precisely the skills that you are looking for.   They bring best practice knowledge and effective tested business solutions gained through exposure to multiple industries and sectors.



  • One of the main advantage of using an external consultant to help you with your business problems rather than using your own team is that they can bring an objectivity to it that you can't get from your own staff. It can be hard for companies to see where the problems are because they are too close to the situation. In some cases it may be that since something has always been done that way they may not realise that it is actually what is causing the problem. Having somebody from outside the company look at things can really help you to spot problem areas.


Get all the facts and information

  • Another big reason that you want to use a consultant rather than your team members is that you may not be able to get all of the information that you need from your team members. You need full facts on all the issues before you proceed with significants changes.  A consultant being an outsider will find this much easier to do.


Stay within Budget

  • Cost is always an essential consideration when looking to bring on extra resources and HR Consultants are an effective way to manage your budget.  Due to their knowledge and skills they are a cost effective resources and as a short -term solution, you don't have to worry about ongoing expenses. 


No need to stop operations whilst you resolve your issues

  • A consultant can help you to address your business problems while at the same time allowing you continue to operate your business using your existing team.


Take a look our diverse team of consultants and their specialist knowledge and skills, they can offer unique solutions that reflect the circumstances and aspirations of their clients.  
The added bonus is that they already have the extensive HR Project experience needed to run your project.


  • Short-term to long term, HR Advisor to HR Manager to HR Project Leader, our team is interested in any HR project that advances the business strategy and brings tangible benefits to all stakeholders.

  • Contact us to discuss your Project scope and let us match you with an appropriate HR Consultant.

Leave Coverage

  • Whether you need urgent short term leave to Maternity leave or Long Service leave in either a casual, part-time or full-time capacity, we can provide you with a HR professionals whose skills and experience will ensure that they are up to speed ASAP, ensuring that you have seamless coverage. 

Leave Coverage
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