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Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting Services in Perth, Western Australia.  Recruiting, Onboarding, Orientation, Traning, Development, Career Management, People management, Cessation, Health and Safety, HelpDesk, Payroll, Coaching, Mentoring
Outsourcing Services

Requisite HR will consult with you to get a complete understanding of your business, its goals and its challenges to ensure that all services are tailored to meeting the needs of your business and your team members.


We can point you in the right direction with our Help Desk, assist you in getting there with Ad-hoc Support or do it all for you by providing you with your own HR Department.  We have cost effective, flexible options available for any business situation.

Benefits of Outsourcing

In any market a small or medium size enterprise needs to focus on their core business to bring income into the business.  Non-core functions can take away that focus.  A lack of knowledge and experience in that function can make doing it longer and more difficult to do, so outsourcing non-core functions gives business owners freedom to focus on their passions, their business and its profitability.    



  • Outsourcing gives you access to seasoned professionals well versed in aspects of People Management functions, whose guidance and advice you can solicit when you need assistance or when you need extra support, who will assist with keeping your business compliant.

  • Reduced accounting and payroll cost through cost-effective service provision and economies of scale.  I.e. Recruitment at in-house prices and 90% cheaper that a recruitment agency.

  • Consistent coverage due to a HR team backing your personal HR person providing leave coverage.

  • Our Outplacement team has access to HR Subject Matter Experts ensuring they get the latest and greatest HR knowledge.

  • We have specialised tools, systems and documentation for businesses to manage people functions.

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

  • Reduced employment related risk due to the use of qualified professionals.

Help Desk

  • The Help Desk Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for general HR queries.

Ad-hoc Support

  • Fixed term ad-hoc support for project work from a People Management professional is available to provide support with:

    • Recruitment

    • Onboarding and Orientation

    • Remuneration and Benefits

    • Training and Development

    • Career Management

    • People Management

    • Cessation

    • Compliance

    • Audits

    • Investigations

Human Resources Department

  • With economies of scale we can provide a cost effective HR Department that suits your requirements and as your business grows we have the flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs.

  • When you sign up for your HR Department you set the level of support you require - anywhere from a single HR function to the full spectrum and if your needs change, then we can adjust to suit.

  • You will have access to your own HR Advisor and specialised tools, systems and documentation to manage your people functions, customises to suit your business requirements.

Help Desk
HR Depart
Ad-hoc Support
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